Let's Gym Top Star - Black - T827
Let's Gym Top Star - Black - T827
Let's Gym Top Star - Black - T827

Let's Gym Top Star - Black

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Be a star! With modeling adjusted, braces on the bust for added support and
aesthetic threads that leave the super fashion look, the Top Star is made in Matrix fabric, a
version with the Emana wire from Rhodia. It is a technological leap by having as main characteristics:
the improvement of skin elasticity, the reduction of muscular fatigue and the reduction of the signs of cellulite,
due to the bioactive characteristics in the yarn DNA that promote a new form of interaction between
tissue and skin. Its blend of yarns provides a soft touch and compression, making it easy to
performance in physical activities. This fabric contains UV Protection technology, which keeps the skin
protected against the harmful effects of the Sun by blocking UV rays. Perfect for sports
with exposure to the Sun. It has waistband with reinforced elastic for greater sustentation. With removable bulb.
MODEL: Fitted with reinforced elastic in the waistband

COLORS:  Black
FABRICS: Matrix, Cirrê, Tule
COMPOSITION: 76% Polyamide / 24% Elastane