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Created in June 2011 as resell multibrands in Fashion Fitness. GAROTAFIT had the objective of attending women practicing physical activities in São Paulo. Initially for close friends. The success was such that we started to organize weekly exhibitions in different places through social networks. With so many requests from customers in social networks, we verified the demand for this type of clothing in other regions of Brazil and, very quickly, the sale through the internet was expanded to the whole country. The creation of the GAROTAFIT brand as a Fashion Fitness manufacturer took place in May 2012, driven by opinions and suggestions from the most active customers, inspiring us to start creating our own models. Currently, GAROTAFIT follows fashion trends in prints and models, translating into pieces of the highest quality and providing the best experiences of use to each of its clients. GAROTAFIT represents a healthy lifestyle for many women of attitude across the country.


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