One of the most famous Brazilian active-wear brand. It´s a colorful, with high quality fabrics, perfect for the

gym & beyond!

Before buying a gym clothing there is much to be observed before price. Especially in times of crisis people often observe the lowest price as the main reason to take some items home - not just gym clothes such as shoes, handbags, electronics. Is it really the most important? And if you buy a good piece that costs a little more? If it is the right clothes, your investment will be worth it. Want to see?

1 Beauty-Here we start with an important item, but speaking EVEN the truth is the least important. A gym clothes can be all black? They can. But let's face it: A mixture of colors and textures, a detail here, and there ... tulle makes the eyes shine! We need it to be useful and functional, but if it is beautiful ... even better!

2 Breathabilitty -Your skin is an organ of your body, most of them in fact, and need to breathe. The gym clothes can (and should) allow it in 2 ways: either through cuts or use of cages, fabrics with holes or cutouts in strategic locations OR using tissues that have this technology, to allow the evaporation of sweat. Wet skin can become irritated 

3 Support of Breast -Top fitness is undoubtedly the best option when working out. They are designed to make the breasts in place, reducing the oscillation and preventing the fibers of the skin to burst, causing problems such as stretch marks or sagging.


4 Flexibility- Your clothes should allow the movements of large amplitude required in various modalities such as yoga, Pilates, Ballet Fitness, stretching and many other physical activities. All this without hurting or mark the body!

5 Perfect fit - The fitness clothes should fit your body, so that it is not relaxed to the point of slipping at the waist, for example, or tightening, impairing circulation.


6 Compression - A good gym clothes offers compression in areas such as abdomen and jowl, because they are important areas to support muscles, improving posture and preventing post physical activity pain.  

7 Nice touch - Is there anything better than to spend a hand on a cloth and feel a soft and nice touch? Now imagine that this tissue is in contact with your skin time to exercise when you are striving to achieve your goals? Nothing better than being comfortable and feel motivated at the time of training!


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