About us - My Sporty Shop
Hello , 
I'm Desi and welcome to MySportyShop. Here you will find the finest activewear Brazil has to offer. I created MySportyShop in order to make Brazilian fitness fashion available to my fellow action girls.
MySportyShop focuses on bringing sexy fitness wear to the active modern woman. We are dedicated to women's exercise needs and we are always looking for the best new activewear for you. We have the workout clothes 
you need to help you stay fit and look your best while working out.
Our sets are carefully designed with high performance fabrics such as Supplex/Lycra using cutting-edge technology to produce extremely comfortable flexible outfits which can stretch up to 40% of its size, without
ever losing its original shape. It's softer than standart nylon fabrics and feels like cotton, keeping it's bright colors 
after years of use. It never fuzzes or peels, wears or tears, and wicks moisture away for quick drying. 
MySportyShop is also an activewear distributor of brands that have been specially designed to be soft to the touch,
yet strong enough to withstand grueling workouts whether in or outdoors. 
MySportyShop is excited about the range and quality of products that we provide worldwide. Inspired by rich colors, versality, high-quality fabrics and outstanding craftsmanship, we've put
together a robust line of sports clothing and women's sportswear to motivate your lifestyle. 
MySportyShop is a Company created for women who want to look and feel their best while exercising, relaxing, or on the go.
Designed to make women feel more confident and determined whether they are working out at the gym, jogging at the park, going to the beach and etc. 
MySportyShop line stands out by combining practical and comfort with beautiful. 
MySportyShop fitness wear is incorporated in the state of Virginia. It is owned and managed by Desislava Lipova