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Body shaping leggings you would love to wear for the gym and beyond. Experience the slimming power of these leggings while they enhance your rear and slim your thighs.

The light, no compression material on these leggings will greatly accentuate the rounded effect really making your booty pop. These unique shaping leggings help reduce the appearance of  love handles and other bulges by gently compressing your lower torso.

Must have leggings!

These leggings will help  your lower abs and hips appear slimmer and flatter. It feels like you are wearing a faja , But the secret is  it's built right into these   leggings, so you don't have to wear multiple garments.



  • High-waist design helps slim your lower abs
  • Butt-lifting leggings 
  • Gives your buttocks more shape and volume while you wear the leggings
  • Thermal reduction technology in the fabric helps keep you cool when working out